Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kraiterman Finds January Revival of Local Facebook Music Scene Inspiring, Almost Better Than Metallica

(Piscataway, NJ) -- In the wake of a series of seemingly umprompted yet inspired music talents appearing on Facebook, many fans of last week's week-long LIVE from Scott Kraiterman's Wall have joined together in what can only be described as an elated, desperate frenzy as most wonder about the future of the venue. Local date farmer Ryan Heughn Jacobs had the following to say.

"What can I say? I mean, Sara flew to Canada -- Toronto, and I was so sure from watching online that things couldn't get any better than that. We were all so sure, you know? I guess I'd be lying entirely if I said that I didn't want this."

Most of all wondering about the future of the venue is Scott Kraiterman, 36, who met the surprise acts with a bit of a surprise act of his own. Kraiterman is early into the first month of his Facebook's 2012, and we were able to catch him at work where he offered with a couple of healthy, sighed chuckles his thoughts on the situation as it continues to emerge as the bright new start to the year.

"It's not a tough choice. They come in and play, and I watch, and I like it - enough said. It's a new year, and if you ask me how I feel about it any day of the week, my answer is that it's 'just great' - not 'great' like Metallica hahaha, but 'just great'. That's never a tough choice haha."


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