Sunday, February 5, 2012

Area Investigators Find Object in New Internet Video Seriously Strange, 'Oddest Blue Thing in Existence'

(Alfred, NY) -- Local sources are pointing to new information on Sunday that reveals much about a new arrival to the community of bizarre, internet content available to fans of last year's hit, colorful success, LIVE at Scott Kraiterman's Facebook. The new material, a video upload by area thread wizard Emily Bellinger, provides fans with spectacular displays of bouncing, bounding, crawling (?), and cat acrobatics - 'cat-robatics' or 'acrocatics', colloquially. Using appropriate sources of empirical evidence, officials reviewing the material have come to conclusions that the prominent blue Thing may be the strangest blue object ever to be filmed by a camera.

Alternate theories and speculation from the international scientific community offer hypotheses that range from 'there must be many small women in there or cats too?' to 'cosmic space jelly cat formations are truly the only real possibility here'.

"You know, I've seen red, orange, green, what have you. This is just a very weird blue thing, which is important to indicate. I just don't understand the form as human. Is it real? I don't know haha How bizarre."