Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Korean Sensation 'Dr. Kraiterman' Scores Big on Danish Charts

(Copenhagen, Denmark) -- The frequented Danish pop chart, Hitlisten, was rocked earlier today with the surprise arrival of the newly-released Korean pop superhit, "Dr. Kraiterman". The hit, written and performed by South Korean national, Kenny Murphy, rides toe-tapping melodies and infectious, grab-your-cash hooks along the way to describing the well-documented life of Highland Park, New Jersey resident, Scott Kraiterman. Kraiterman, 28, a school psychologist living and working in greater central New Jersey is best known for his gracious hosting of "LIVE from Scott Kraiterman's Wall," a local internet sensation and televised event from the Spring of 2012, as well as his plethora of celebrity connections.

When asked of the hit and of the challenges being a Korean presents, Murphy, 22, described the process as one that just kind of came to him.

"You know, there really wasn't much to it. Lyrically speaking, I thought to myself: the process should be something like describing what I would say to someone over the phone if I had ten seconds to detail who Scott is kind of..."

The hit, written and released within the day, scored #26 on Hitlisten.NU, landing squarely behind #25, Swedish megastar Kim Cesarion's hit, "I Love This Life," and bumping down the Dane - Burhan G's contending single "Ikke I Nat, Ikke Endnu" to #27.


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