Friday, December 30, 2011

Says Local Next Door Neighbor: Kraiterman Gets Out of Bed, Goes to Work

(Highland Park, NJ) -- Early reports Friday morning offer details of the abrupt and drowsy departure of Kraiterman, 29, as he left for work from his Highland Park apartment.

"He looked tired, unexcited for the work day," said local next door neighbor

"I mean, some people are real 'TGIF'ers, but this was different. The guy really had a slouch to him!"

Speculation surrounding the issue paints the portrait of a 20-something inundated by attention. The same next door neighbor - again, a local man - had this to say:

"Rumbling. CONSTANT rumbling. Not a day this week has gone by without the near-deafening sound of, like, I don't know, a tiny vacuum cleaner? Light drumming? I don't know. I think it's his phone. There's definitely something happening."


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