Friday, December 30, 2011

LIVE at Scott Kraiterman's Wall Continues, Proposal For New "Best 'Scott's Wall' Performance" Gong Award Gains Momentum

(Kingston, Jamaica) -- As facebook acts, singers, and spectators alike waltz their way toward the midnight hour of Scott Kraiterman's facebook's final morning in 2011, people like Cameron Nadler wonder about the future of the event.

"I mean, there should be an award, you know? Is this something that we want continuing into the summer? There's relevance. There should definitely be a gong for this."

Nadler, busy planning his vacation's itinerary while fidgeting lightly with attempts to control his gesturing, accentuating hand movements, laid out grand visions for the gong, detailing possible nominees and describing at boring length about his upcoming pitch to the Morrises.

"It's a great idea. I have literally never been more serious in my life."


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